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ST063 Derringer Drip Tips


New ST063 Derringer Flavour Drip Tips - Seamless taper bore to enhance Flavour - Dual Orings - Wide Bore 9.5mm Tapered to 6.2mm - 11.3mm Diameter for The (Derringer) - 13mm Total Length Stainless Steel / Delrin / Brass / Copper and Acrylic Frosted brushed finishl manufactured in Birmingham using High Precision CNC Machines SELECTION OPTIONS ST063 (Stainless Steel) ST063 (Delrin White) ST063 (Delrin Black) ST063 (Brass) ST063 (Copper) ST063 (Acrylic Frosted) please check our listing regularly as we will be manufacturing a huge range of bespoke drip tips. These have been manufactured to a very high standard using state of the art CNC Machines The listing is for the sale of a single drip tip all other parts displayed in the images are for illustration ONLY PLEASE NOTE: Every variation has been taken into consideration when manufacturing these tips, However, there could be the possibility of this not fitting due to manufacturing variations of cleromizers and tanks. if this is the case please advise and return the product for a refund....
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The master piece

One of the best mod from signture and Mike vapes n dovpo just go and buy it u won't regret

Worth the money

So far so good... it hits like a truck and the hand feel is awesome.. can't wait to order another 1


This is one bad ass mod!!! Cant wait for the 21700!!! After I get my 2nd one! Never know!!!!

Clutch spare silver firing lever

Only bad part of the clutch. The part that hits the bottom and you have to bend. Breaks after a while. So, ordered another one thank you. Other than that awesome mod, great build quality. Thanks.

Clutch x18

Awesome mod. Fixed everything that’s wrong with the clutch.