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SQ18650 Doors only Black FU 24mm



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SQ18650 Doors (Black FU) 24mm

A single set of doors 

1x Front

1x Back

Note: Due to the nature of anodising colour shades may vary slightly from batch to batch.

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The master piece

One of the best mod from signture and Mike vapes n dovpo just go and buy it u won't regret

Worth the money

So far so good... it hits like a truck and the hand feel is awesome.. can't wait to order another 1


This is one bad ass mod!!! Cant wait for the 21700!!! After I get my 2nd one! Never know!!!!

Clutch spare silver firing lever

Only bad part of the clutch. The part that hits the bottom and you have to bend. Breaks after a while. So, ordered another one thank you. Other than that awesome mod, great build quality. Thanks.

Clutch x18

Awesome mod. Fixed everything that’s wrong with the clutch.