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A limited batch of the Hadaly RDA designed by Psyclone Mods. Designed specifically for single coil builds and featuring an innovative Coil Clamping System (CCS) the Hadaly is intended to be extremely straightforward so any novice should be able to get to grips with it easily. It features a precision adjustable airflow with four direct points of contact for superior performance.


  • 22mm Stainless Steel RDA
  • Adjustable Airflow - 4 Direct Airflow Channels
  • Two Post Deck - Flat Head Post Screws
  • Innovative Coil Clamping System (CCS)
  • Heat Resistant Delrin Drip Tip
  • PEEK Insulators + Spares Kit
  • Squonk Pin Included

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Signature tips / hadaly

I am now 18 months Vaping and have tried many mods pods tanks and so on. If only I’d tried or knew about the hadaly rda in my early days I wouldn’t have spent the amounts of funds trying to find the perfect vape but trial and error has led me to the most awesome perfect flavour banger vape I have ever come across and that is the Hadaly rda. If you haven’t tried it do yourself a flavour and get yourself one it’s the best RDA hands down absolutely love it
Also a big shout out to shaikh farhan absolute above and beyond professional customer service absolute legend

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What a great mech

This is my first mech mod in a long loooong time (my precedent mech was probably from 2013-2014 and I've lost it a long time ago)
It hits great, the fit and finish is flawless, and I love the form factor.
I did the Battery Mooch suggested "mod" (nothing crazy) to reduce battery rattle and improve conductivity and it's even better ! Can't wait for the Clutch x18 !

Flavor banger

Like the title says, It's a flavor banger ! The only donwside for me would be that it can be a bit messy due to the condensation between the AFC ring and the top cap itself. I don't really purge my RDAs but if you do, be aware that the airflow holes are oriented upward so kinda in your face.
I use it on a Clutch with some Coilturd .15 aliens and it's PERFECT.

Happy BUT Disappointed.....

I Love the performance of the mod and I Love the Skull doors Front and BACK . The distressed look on the skulls is AWESOME , they almost look real , As for the rest of the mod the one I received is NOT what is pictured on the web page. The button is a different color, mine is black, and the doors are different . I have a very very fine line around three sides and the corners were not done which makes it look weird . the grip side was barely touched except for the tips of the grip . I'm holding my mod up next to the picture on the web page, ( look at the picture ), and the doors clearly have a brushed finish on the entire edge ,including the corners . I don't think that the body of the mod had to be involved, It looks like somebody slipped with the tool they were using on two of the grip points on the front, the back side is fine. I'm REALLY SORRY to submit a review like this but I have to be honest .The mod I purchased before this one was a SQ LIMITED EDITION Deep Engraved doors . This is PERFECTION ! I only have 5 SQ MODS and I love them ALL .This one will be awesome when I'm done . As usual the internals are perfect ! OH WELL, NUFF SAID.....


I like it, it feels like 810 in the mouth, comfortable, cool design, excellent piece....

Works a treat

What more can i say it works as it should and good quality , happy days