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Two (2) Quad Core Alien Coils per container. Handmade by @coilturd in the USA. Available in four options.



CORE: Four (4) pieces of 27g Twisted Messes Nichrome 80 Wire
CLAPTON: 37g Twisted Messes Nichrome 80 Wire

4 wraps - 3mm I.D.
Single Coil = .15Ω - .17Ω
Dual Coil = .07Ω - .09Ω


CORE: Four (4) pieces of 28g Twisted Messes Nichrome 80 Wire
CLAPTON: 38g Twisted Messes Nichrome 80 Wire

4 wraps - 3mm I.D.
Single Coil = .19Ω - .21Ω
Dual Coil = .09Ω - .11Ω


CORE: Four (4) pieces of 29g Twisted Messes Nichrome 80 Wire
CLAPTON: 38g Twisted Messes Nichrome 80 Wire

5 wraps - 3mm I.D.
Single Coil = .27Ω - .29Ω
Dual Coil = .13Ω - .15Ω


CORE: Four (4) pieces of 30g Twisted Messes Nichrome 80 Wire
CLAPTON: 38g Twisted Messes Nichrome 80 Wire

5 wraps - 3mm I.D.
Single Coil = .35Ω - .37Ω
Dual Coil = .17Ω - .19Ω

(Coil distance from post can affect resistance)

Product Description

These Quad Core Aliens are high performance advanced coils. Each coil is hand made in the USA to the highest standard. Quad cores are great for getting lower ohms while using smaller cores. These coils create a warm, dense vape made for single cell, parallel and regulated mods only. This wire configuration takes the best preformance aspects from the Fused Clapton and the Staple Coil, combining them to create a wonderful, dense, warm vape.



With proper installation and care, each coil will last 2-4+ months!

Always break in coils on mechanical devices. If you are using a high wattage regulated device, insure the wattage is turned way down during the initial installation/dry firing process. Coilturd LLC does not warranty damage due to incorrect installation.

WARNING: These coils are intended for persons over the age of 18 and only intended for those people with extensive experience with low-ohm builds. If you are new to vaping these coils are not recommended for you. These are pre-built very low resistance coils and require a thorough knowledge of battery safety to operate them without hazard. Please use only with QUALITY HIGH-DRAIN BATTERIES and make sure you are aware of OHMS LAW and battery safety precautions before using these builds.


Use this product at your own risk. Keep out of the reach of children. By purchasing this item, you agree Coilturd LLC, the manufacturer, the distributors, and/or resellers of this product are not liable for any damage and/or injuries that may occur by use or misuse of this product. Due to the nature of this product, there are no warranties or refunds.

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510 inserts

Great threading just what i needed to make own atty stands


I love this drip tip, fits perfectly & looks awesome.

Stainless Coil rods
Mark Hughes
Quality coiling rods

These coiling rods are very well made. Heavy and very nicely machined. Feel substantial in the hand and are big enough to be easy to use and small enough when fitting the coils into any of my atties. The set contains all of the sizes I use regularly. Well worth the asking price


Everything about this mod is great. Feels great in the hand. Hits really well and the finish is fantastic. It's never out my hand. Well done your smashed it with this

Great mod

First mod from here,isn’t my last though. Fits the hand perfect and is fantastic with my kayfun lite. So much so,I ordered another one last night!

SQ 510 o-rings

Just picked up pack of these when i ordered my SQ mod for future spares.


Amazing quality, and fast service, as usual. Fits perfect, and brought my old mod back to life. Made it work just like new. Thanks!

Doesn't disappoint, delicious !!!

I've wanted to try Bule Bolu for years, it's always either out of stock or not for sale on many online stores.
I finally found it in stock on signature tips, it's definitely a must try,
A delicious creamy, banana, pound cake that leaves a delicious aftertaste that's both unique and more'ish.!
It's not cheap but it's worth paying £20 for a 100mls.
I will be buying again for sure.!
Great service from signature tips, many thanks.

Squonk Bottle

Purchased few of these for new mod as spares. Perfect.

SQ217 squonk

Great little squonker, nice feel in hand, easy to remove bottle for filling (I leave the tube attached to mod then feed the tube back into the filled bottle). Costly but worth it in my opinion.